Having a relationship without any barriers is something all of us desire. But it’s no secret that it takes 100% from two individuals equally to build that. And there’s nothing that can upend a relationship faster than infidelity.  

People on Reddit are sharing some tell-tale signs that confirm two people are having a secret affair. Indeed, it takes a lot of observation and guts to call out your partner for cheating, and here are some spot-on signs to look for.  

1. “They get awkward if you come up to them when they are together. I just want coffee and you’re standing in front of the machine and I didn’t think anything was going on until you got all awkward. You’re allowed to be friends and stand here and talk.”


2. “When your SO brings someone up way too much in the beginning then mysteriously stops talking about them at all, even when the situation potentially calls for it.”


3. “If you know them beforehand, they’ll stop flirting as much as they had before. They make sure they don’t leave a place together but linger around long enough to know when the other is leaving. They look at each other when something funny or bad happens.”


4. “I’ve caught people because they didn’t follow one another on social media to try to avoid suspicion, but they both posted that they were at the same place and similar photos, and despite not posting about one another, it was obvious. They didn’t know what the other was posting because they didn’t follow one another LMFAO which ultimately led to the downfall of their discretion.”


5. “Sometimes you can tell by the way they casually (appropriately) touch each other in public. Certain things are awkward until you cross that line.”


6. “Carpooling when there are not many conveniences to it because they don’t live all that close to each other.”


7. “According to my friend she could tell I was having sex with my ex-boyfriend cause we would try our hardest not to interact with each other. We had worked the same job so we wanted to keep it lowkey but it didn’t work.”


8. “When your partner goes over the top of how unattractive, uninteresting, cringy, weird, etc..the other person is.”


9. “They suddenly become very protective of one another’s feelings in settings they normally wouldn’t, or they tend to insult the person they’re sleeping with, even if made in jest as if they were personally insulted.”


10. “I assume you are talking about someone in this situation cheating on their partner, so in my experience, their communication changes. In public situations, they don’t speak to or make eye contact with one another as often. They may avoid one another altogether.”


11. “There isn’t anything reliable. People are both much better and much worse at lying than we think. You catch people when they fuck up. You don’t catch people who don’t fuck up.”


12. “They start dressing up and wearing more makeup, or styling their hair. They suddenly become more “aware” of their looks when that person is around.”


13. “He starts receiving early texts in the morning to meet up or have a coffee. He gets back home very nervous and treats you like shit.”


14. “Your intuition is usually the best feeling, after that you can at the very least tell when people have chemistry by the way they look at each other or flirt.”


15. “Are they suddenly accusing you of cheating? This happens because they feel guilty and will take out their insecurities on you if you happen to flirt with someone.”


Some signs are not hard to spot after all. 

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