Take This Quiz & We'll Tell You How Lazy Your Boyfriend Is

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Sometimes, relationships can be a tricky business. Serious, groundbreaking, issues like, not watching your favourite show before your partner, or deciding what to eat, can seriously hamper a relationship. Especially when you're the only one making all the efforts! 

So, if you think you're the one doing all the work in the relationship, then you would have no problem in taking this quiz and figuring out just how lazy your partner really is: 

1. What is your partner’s favourite activity to do with you at home?

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Bow Chicka Wow Wow ;)

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Playing video games

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Sleeping, like for real. 

2. What does your partner do, if the remote stops working?

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Continuously hit the remote, till it ‘miraculously’ starts working.

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Replace the batteries. 

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Stare at the blank screen

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Switch to the laptop. 

3. There is no food at home. What does your partner do?

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Maggi! Maggi! Maggi!

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Make plans to eat out.

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Quotes, ‘A human can go for more than three weeks without food’.

4. How many times does your partner hit the snooze button?

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No more than two times. 

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Two to five times.

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What snooze button? He or she is your alarm. 

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You shut down the alarm. He/she sleeps through it.

5. Which of the following Scooby-Doo character best describes your partner?

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6. It’s Winter. How often does your partner take a shower? (It’s okay, no one is showering every day).

Once a week. 

No shower till Summer.

Once every two days.

Once a month.

7. Which of the following shows will your partner select?

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The Office

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Any stand-up special

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Select a YouTube video and autoplay

8. You have a function to attend at 8 pm. What time do you tell your partner to start getting ready?

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Getting ready isn’t the problem. Convincing is.

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Unless you physically drag them, you’re going alone.

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5 minutes before leaving.

A few hours before leaving.

9. What is your partner’s standard response to any activity--and we mean, ‘any’--, involving physical movement?

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Reluctantly agreeing

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I’m tired today. 

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Your partner is the one suggesting the physical activities

10. When eating out, what does your partner select from the menu?

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The first thing on the menu, literally.

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The same thing, every time. 

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Always something new.

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Whatever the server suggests. 

So, who really is the lazy one?


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