It’s quite simple how life works, right?

You meet someone, engage in conversations, feel the attraction, make love, fall in love and get married. Then, it’s kids, family life, growing old together, the works. You know the drill!

That one person you met just once. The one who lingers in your mind even after many, many years. 


The stranger you spoke to at a bar. The person who sat next to you on a flight. The one you danced with at a nightclub. The friend of a friend you met at a party and have only seen on Facebook since. 

Don’t we all have that one person we’ve met just once but can’t seem to forget? 

That instant attraction. Chemistry. All the excitement. 

Their smell, their smile. The way they looked at you. That conversation. Seductive yet stimulating. Or sometimes, nothing but eye contact. No words. Just silent glances. 

Don’t we all have that one person we think about quite often? The one who’s just a stranger and yet, we know so well?


There’s something to be said about the unknown, right?

You meet someone for a short while and have a great time. Coffee, conversation or coitus. Whatever happens is all in the moment and simply amazing. 

But what would have happened if that encounter wasn’t just for a few minutes/hours? Would it still be as good? Or, even better? You don’t know. You want to know, though. But you can’t. 

And yet, the thought keeps crossing your mind. 

Just like a sudden breeze on a tumultuous summer afternoon or sunshine on a cold, winter day, something reminds of you that person and you smile. A smile so genuine and heartfelt, it’s beautiful. 


It isn’t worth bothering about what could have happened. Sometimes, you don’t need to know all the answers. 

Sometimes, it’s best to just imagine what could’ve been. 

Not to say the present that is isn’t any good. It’s amazing, perfect the way it is. But then, the present could also have been something else. Someone else. And once in a while, thinking about ‘that’ present is all you need. 

That rush, that excitement. That smile, that sensation. That person. And you. Maybe some other time, some other lifetime?