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Let’s face it, when it comes to parenting, dads are always perceived to be the breadwinner of the family and more often than not, are considered to have a passive role in bringing their kids up. However, this entire construct is experiencing a major shift as fathers are now looking up to fatherhood in a whole new light.

The current generation of dads is redefining fatherhood and becoming more involved in parenting.

They know the difference between just being around and being there for their kids. It’s a dad going home early. It’s a dad not spending the weekend at work. It’s a dad choosing PTA meetings over board meetings. It’s a dad tying his daughter’s braid over his own tie. It’s a dad giving birth to another #PenguinDad. 

They’ve adopted the parenting instincts of Penguin Dads who are the most dedicated fathers of the animal kingdom. Right from hatching to the time when the kid penguins are good to let go, they ensure that the babies are kept under complete supervision. 

To celebrate this sense of progressive parenting, recently, dads on LinkedIn decided to add the most important job on their LinkedIn profiles – being a father. 

And boy, wasn’t it a heartwarming treat?


And soon, everyone was talking about being a #PenguinDad.

Folks also poured their heart out for their kids. 

‘Coz being a proud dad is more important than being anything else.

And not just India, professionals working abroad are also expressing themselves.

It’s commendable to see that fathers have started this conversation among themselves. While it seems to be a simple gesture, it sends a strong message to the world that these fathers have priorities set. I mean, just look at those adorable pictures again, would you!

If you are a penguin dad, change that small display picture on LinkedIn to change the bigger picture and inspire millions of other dads to join the movement!

1. Update your LinkedIn designation as a Father, change your DP with that of you and your kid(s), and share your thoughts that would add to the bigger picture.

2. Follow the footsteps of penguin dads to be more involved with your kids and inspire others to do the same. Rest assured that the kids will grow up to be amazing human beings. 

If you need some inspiration, here’s a heartwarming video by Flipkart that will tell you what it looks like to be a #PenguinDad: 

BRB, going to call my dad and thank him for all those patient driving lessons.