There’s no doubt that breakups are never easy, and what’s even worse is to keep their belongings as souvenirs with you for years upon years. In a thread, several people revealed the things that their exes gave them that they still have. 

While some answers were hilarious, others were quite warm and kind. Let’s see what people had to say, shall we?


1. “A sense of insecurity.”

– Dabrigstar

2. “My high school girlfriend’s mother gave me a nice cutting board when I went off to college. Almost 35 years ago, I still have it and use it daily. My wife has no idea where it came from.”

– SeriouslyNotInsane

3. “Self-acceptance and love, loads of it. She was such a gentle person who found me in a really low place in my life.”

– ZayleeLeila

4. “Emotional damage.”

– RockafellerHillbilly

5. “A better understanding of toxic relationships.”

– WaterfallDragonCave

6. “A son that I love more than anything in the world.”

– Cuss-Mustard

7. “Not my most recent ex, but the mother of my child actually still gives me stuff all the time. Paintings and other arts and crafts mostly. Lovely, lovely woman.”

– Rutegger

8. “An appreciation for not wanting to spend the rest of my life with a lunatic .”

– Duality_is_my_prison

9. “Depression and an eating disorder.”

– Mobile_Dust_8104

10. “Jewellery. I haven’t worn any of it since we broke up ages ago.”

– Riska89

11. “A love for wild swimming and naked sunbathing in nature.”

– QuickElection

12. “I was 17, circa 1983. My girlfriend gave me a big cooler and a desk fan. Now at 55, I still have both. That fan won’t die. She also gave me an STD, but I no longer have that.”

– UncleFungus

What did your ex give you apart from dukh, dard, kasht and peeda?