Dear Men, pleasing a woman is not as hard as you think. All you need to do is be a little more focused on certain gestures. As time passes by in a relationship, couples tend to take it for granted and that leads to differences and disputes. Don’t let it happen with you and your bae!  Do these 20 little things and reconnect, rediscover your love once again.

1. Finding notes at unexpected places is romantic to her. 

2. You complimenting her on her look or that new dress she bought last week is all she needs. 

3. Appreciating all those little efforts she puts in to make your life a little easy will not make you less of a man. 

4. And a few mornings where you make breakfast for her and serve it to her in bed. 

5. When you come up behind her and move her hair away from the back of her neck and kiss her, she feels wanted. 

6. You picking up a chore that she hates doing and do it for her will make her go ‘aww’. 

7. Or, all you can do is listen to her attentively without getting distracted by your phone. 

8. Nothing makes her happier than an ice-cream tub by bae when she is on her periods. 

9. A random ‘I love you’ text message will make her entire day. 

10. Sending her flowers without any occasion is one of the best ways to make your girl ecstatic. 

11. Believe it or not, no matter how much she says she doesn’t like PDA, she does. 

12. And yes, a girl loves when her man keeps her updated about his schedule, mostly! 

13. Taking her opinion on crucial topics is a great way to tell her that she matters to you. 

14. Write it down! A good bae should always ask his bae – How was your day?

15. She is sure to smile when you remember and play her favorite song on your long drive date.  

16. Ocassional food orders from her favorite restaurant will not harm anyone, right?  

17. Running your fingers through her hair or just kissing her on the cheek out of nowhere will make her feel so special.

18. And a man who asks about her family is a man she thinks is worth keeping. 

19. Sometimes, planning a date for the two of you all by yourself can be a good way to make her happy. 

20. She is sure to get that big bright smile when her man helps her out planning her weekend meet with her girl gang. 

Told ya, it is not that difficult.