Asking someone out is scary. We have all been there, done that.  So if you are looking for a way to tell a girl you are interested in her, keep reading. We have some valuable tips for you!  

People on this thread have shared their experiences on how to show a girl you are interested in her without saying you are interested in her. I mean, what better way than this?

1. “Best way and most elegant way is to be attentive, notice the small things ladies love. Notice the changes and compliment them, make them know you are paying attention to them and ladies like to feel like someone is paying attention to them. Don’t be creepy haha.”

Answer Source- Hypersonicaurora

2. “No games. Make your intentions known. They can’t read minds. Women love confident men.”

Answer Source- smitty537

3. “Make eye contact for a second then smile if they smile back, shoot your shot if they don’t smile then bark and run away.”

Answer Source- Jay8400

4. “I think most people are overthinking this question. “Hey, I just wanted to say I think you’re pretty cool people and I enjoy spending time with you. I’d like to get to know you better over dinner, drinks, etc if you’re up for that?” If they’re interested, plan a day. If they’re not, you still keep the invitation friendly and it still keeps the door open to being friends. This works for me and any rejection I have had, we’ve remained friends.”

Answer Source- paratora

5. “Unless you’re a teenager there’s nothing wrong with being direct, as long as it’s in an appropriate place, don’t pull out the boombox blasting Rick Astley while she’s working the drive-through at Wendy’s Don’t lay it on too thick or come on too strong, depending on age and circumstances.”

Answer Source- Tallywacka

6. “I’m not saying to stare at her all the time, however, do something like below: When you suddenly see her in close range, let’s say you guys come across each other at the corner of a corridor. When you see her look at her eyes so deeply and a bit longer than usual. Act shy, stutter a bit and say Hi. As if you have the biggest crush.”

Answer Source- panthus1

7. “Be attentive. We love when guys remember small things about us because it shows they care. That’s also usually how we tell when a guy is seriously liking us and not just for hook up kind.”

Answer Source- nosebearnosebear

8. “Compliments are a good way to go. One time this girl told me I always cheer her up, and I answered by saying: “I love doing it, and should you let me I would do so until I’m dusting” a little on the nose but hey, I shot my shot and it worked because I believed in what I said.”

Answer Source- NosoyPuli

9. “There’s a whole list and probably a flow chart. You don’t want to proceed/escalate unless she’s returning the signals. Engaged, interesting conversation, eye contact, escalating into maybe light touching and floaters to make plans.”

Answer Source- Mackntish

10. “Man, I wouldn’t beat around the bush. I’d have a private conversation and tell her “I think you’re a great person, and I’d love the opportunity to get to know you more. If you don’t reciprocate the feeling, that’s okay. You don’t have to give me an answer now, or even if you wish not to.” Then the ball is in her court to let you know if you should pursue or not, and everyone doesn’t waste their time.”

Answer Source- The-Noize

11. “I don’t know, I’ve always told them I was interested. I feel like that’s a whole lot of extra steps for “hey you wanna go get coffee, grab a drink, or hang out sometime?” I feel people miss a lot because they are trying to do x thing without doing x thing.” 

Answer Source- Legal_Wrapsack

12. “Be respectful, ask her to hang out. Gauge the vibe from there.”

Answer Source- Paused

13. “Girls have spent their whole life tuning their radar to know when men are into them without being told I’m into you. It’s 90% body language anyways.”

Answer Source- zDistinction

14. “Honesty and authenticity are key to any true relationship, even non-romantic ones. Tell her how you feel and be clear and straightforward with it. Remember, you’re not trying to “make” her feel the same way. You’re just trying to find out if she does. Manage your expectations, whatever happens, is ok. Just be happy that you know.”

Answer Source- Initial_Welcome9052

15. “It depends on the culture I think. For example, in my country, there is no concept of a formal “date” as such, and asking for one is seen as extremely weird and uncomfortable which makes it hard to express feelings for someone. Here it’s mostly by hanging with friends of theirs or by texting a lot. I hate this trend but it is what it is.”

Answer Source- andrew9514

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