Had it not been for our go-to friends, life would have been more complex than a tangled pair of wires. From the times when you were broke and hungry to getting painful stitches after a stupid accident, they were always there when you needed them. Indeed, you survived because they were there. 

Here are a few such moments that would have been impossible to get through without the comfort of your go-to friend:

1. Your first unbearably painful heartbreak…

2. …In fact, all your unbearably painful heartbreaks.

3. When your car ran out of fuel and you felt like a helpless child stranded on an island.

4. That time when you were too broke to buy your boy/girlfriend a birthday present.

5. When you desperately needed to get out of an awful date.

6. And when you needed someone to be your wingman at a party.

7. That time you got a bit too drunk and needed someone to hold your hair up while you threw up all over the place…

8. …And the next morning when you needed someone to call in sick for you.

9. When you needed company to survive that awfully boring family event.

10. When you needed an outfit for that wedding you forgot you had to attend.

11. When you needed someone to pick you up from your bae’s house at 4 AM.

12. That heart-shattering moment when you saw your ex with their new flame.

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Feature image source: hdpicswaale.in