Sponsored by JK Tyre

Right from the moment we learn to take our first step, gaining control over life as we know it becomes our sole purpose. From learning to pedal our bicycles for the first time to making the big decisions of life as we grow up, we try our best to keep control over everything. 

And in this journey, if there’s one person who plays an instrumental role, it is our father…  

While we learn our alphabets in school, dads will forever remain our first teachers. They are the ones who guide us through each and every milestone until the day they hand us the key to our own lives. 

They’ll get us an ice-cream when we’re feeling down but they’ll also keep a check on our tantrums. They’ll make sure we eat our veggies but they’ll also take us to that adventure park we’ve been asking to go since forever. Because that’s what being a dad is. No matter who, where, in which part of the country we are, a dad’s learning of being in control will always be there. This video by JK Tyre aptly sums up this feeling and brings back the wave of nostalgia for all the things our dads have taught us. How about taking a moment to cherish them?

If the video makes you thankful, go on and give him a call. Tell him how grateful you are!