To be able to capture the essence of childhood through a lens might not seem like an arduous task. But Canadian photographer Tony Luciani’s rendition of his 91-year-old mother’s childhood in a series of photographs that reflect on his “symbolic and emotional” style are an amazing sight.

“I imagine it rather than copy it. Subject matter is less important than mood and feeling, of which both come from within me. This is why I would call my work interpretive. I put so much of myself into my paintings that, in a sense, each one become a self-portrait.” He was quoted saying by So Bad So Good.

Here are the photographs that perfectly encapsulate his mother from a time far gone.

Being pulled in another direction

Some books haunt us forever

Old and new in one frame

Skipping time

I can see you

Dinner with the husband

Can you paint my picture?

I can see myself!

Magician mom

A Bright Future

Young at heart

The photographer and his mother

Tony Luciani

A beautiful flash back.

Masthead & Feature Image Source: Tony Luciani