In association with Durex

Smartphones have changed the way we love. We send text messages instead of whispering sweet nothings, use emoticons instead of articulating real emotions, and send nudes instead of… well, you know what. And while there’s no harm in using technology to check on our partner in the middle of a workday, when we begin to exploit it, valuable things get shifted to the backseat. 

The next thing you know, you’re spending next to no quality time with them. It feels like you know them a little less with each passing day and you miss the reassuring feeling of their sweet albeit powerful touch – all the damn time.

So, when Durex came out with their new video, calling for couples to put their phones aside, at least when they are together, and give into the magic of love, we couldn’t help but agree with them. And here we are, helping them spread this great message. Besides… what kind of buttons would you rather be pressing on Valentine’s day? The kind you find on keypads or all the ‘right ones’? (IYKWIM).

Here’s a sweet little video by Durex that will convince you to put your phone aside this Valentine’s day…