How many times has it happened that your partner has approached you and you just aren’t in the mood?

I mean, you don’t mind doing it but it’s really not the same as being turned on just like your partner is. 

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Well, there could be many reasons for it and as per a study done by Lovehoney, an adult sex toy giant, men and women like to indulge in sex at different times during the day. 

Reportedly, the study that polled 2,300 adults found in its results that nearly 70% of women have been with people whose sexual drive differed from theirs. And, that could be because of the timings.

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The same reports suggest that male participants of the study preferred indulging in sex between 6 AM to 9 AM while women like to have it between 11 PM to 2 AM. 

To be more precise, men are the horniest at 7:54 AM and women at 11:21 PM. 

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Dr. Allison Hill from Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles commented that: 

The current thought is that female libido is very complicated, but most of it is psychological.  And, usually, it doesn’t have much to do with the woman’s partner. Instead, it’s more about how the woman feels about herself and her sexuality.
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Well then, going by this logic, is it safe to say that people in same-sex relationships are actually winning the whole game?