Does he insist on knowing your social media passwords?

Did she pester you to switch on your WhatsApp last seen?

Does he drill you when he can’t get through to you when you’re busy at work? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time you paid attention to where you’re headed in your relationship. 

When we fall in love, we give our everything to it. Our time, our money, our efforts, our loyalties, and sometimes, even our very own individuality. But it’s not our fault really. 


When it comes to love, we’re easily swayed. So much so that we even start justifying our partner’s unhealthy actions. Because after all, isn’t love all about loving the other person for who they are? With their shortcomings, their faults and everything? 

Well, not always. You are in a relationship with yourself first, and then with anyone else. So it’s time to take a reality check and see if your relationship is actually worth all the effort you’ve been putting in.

1. If your partner categorically checks your phone everyday, take hold of the situation now. 

If your partner makes it a point to check your phone everyday, you might want to consider your relationship status. Your phone is your personal entity and no one has the right to check it without your permission. And certainly not everyday to find out who you’ve been talking to and why. That just means lack of trust. 

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2. Does your partner insist that you both have the same passwords?

Do your partner and you have the same passwords? If yes, then change it already. Whether it is your bank account, your social media account or your ATM pin, only you have the sole right to everything that warrants a password. You may love your SO to the moon and back, but maintain some sense of individuality for yourself. 


3. It’s time to hit the pause button if your partner drags in your ex’s name every time you have a fight.

What happened in your past is yours to keep, and for someone to judge you on what happened a million years ago is not cool at all. Moreover, if your partner brings it up again and again, it’s just unhealthy. It is also suggestive of the fact that your past bothers your partner. And in our experience, that seldom changes. 

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4. Does your partner force you to do things?

Be it a customary visit to a mutual friend’s party or trying something new in bed, no matter what it may be, if you’re not comfortable doing it, DON’T. No matter how madly in love you are with that person, make sure you set some healthy boundaries. That is important for any relationship to survive. 


5. Haven’t met your partner’s friends yet? It’s time you ask why.

If you’ve been dating for a while and have only hung out with your friends, it’s time to question your BAE. It’s time you called the shots because if your partner is not on the same wavelength as you are, something’s off. Politely ask them the reason and try to understand their point of view. Don’t jump to conclusions but it’s time you bring it up. 


6. Does your social life revolve around your partner alone?

If your daily schedule is oscillating between work and your partner, it’s time you get a reality check. Stop limiting yourself to one person forever. Spend quality time together, but don’t let your life revolve around your partner. Go dancing with your friends, grab a drink with a colleague or simply take a class for something you love. Not only will it be super healthy for your personal growth, you’ll love it as well. 


7. Does your partner have an issue with your clothing choices?  

Remember, your body belongs to you. If you like dressing up in a certain way, then there’s no need to change that for your partner. If they don’t like the way you dress up or they say something nasty every time you’re wearing a short dress, give them the boot already. They’re not worth it. 

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8. Is your partner the jealous type? Do they look at every person of the opposite sex with suspicion?

If yes, then you’re in a lot of trouble. Jealousy is never a good sign of a healthy relationship. It stems from lack of trust and the quicker it’s weeded out, the better for you and your partner. 


9. Is your partner obsessively possessive? 

While most people find their partner’s possessiveness cute, it’s not really an X factor to look for in a partner. Because after a while this possessiveness grows into a soul-sucking monster which will destroy everything you hold dear. To avoid an ugly situation, make sure you and your partner discuss each other’s insecurities. It’ll really help you both in the long run. 

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10. You need to think hard about your choice if your partner threatens to break up at every tiny scuffle.

If every little fight leads to your partner threatening to break up with you, then it’s not worth it. This emotional blackmail is not something you should have to deal with every other day. This constant mistrust will only lead to you being manipulated into doing things you wouldn’t do otherwise. Moreover, it’s a toxic thing to have in your life. 


These might be little things at first, but if you give them a chance to grow, they will make your life miserable. So before you give in to a life-long commitment, proceed with caution.