Tunlaya Dunnvatanachit, an artist based in Bangkok whose take on the real side of what relationships, crushes, and love look like will make you stop what you’re doing and think. Going by the pen name Tuna Dunn, she has three published graphic novels and a whole lot of talent to her credit. But more than anything, she has works that show a side of relationships that we all have been through. They are not just about love, but also the million other things that come along with it, like insecurities, cuddles, and the dreaded no man’s land where you don’t know where you’re going with him or her.

What made her start these? Tunlaya tells ScoopWhoop,

 It’s hard to point out when or why I made these comic strips because it is a mixture of my job and my personal works. Some comic strips I draw for a bi-monthly magazine and the older ones as a hobby. I started this page when I was in the third year of university after posting some comics I drew for fun on my personal facebook and one of my seniors told me to start a page.

And that led to one of the most honest comics on the internet. Take a look.

There are so many facets to love. But then there’s no other way we’d have it.