We all know how conservative our society is about love marriages. Sadly, this also leads to our parents going against our love story.

So if you need some tips to convince your parents to agree to love marriage, read on. People who have had similar experiences share some tips with you.  

1. “Sharing what my cousin did. He simply talked to our grandmother and she talked to/convinced everyone else in the family. Not that there was a lot of resistance, to begin with, but this just made everything so much smoother.”


2. “If the reason for their resilience is something quite Indian i.e caste, age, religion, and Log kya kahenge (What will people say) issue make them understand that ‘log kuch bhi nahi kahenge’ if they stand strong with their own child.”


3. “Get financially independent as soon as you can, stop being the obedient kid. The key is to show resistance even to the smallest things. You have to set the expectations slowly over time.”


4. “If you and your partner can be financially independent together, go for it! Just don’t go for some royal Indian marriage or something, keep it simple and cheap. Your parents might never be happy about your marriage. If you care too much about your parents’ disapproval, then you might not end up with your boyfriend either.  


5. “My advice would be make up your mind whether you seriously want to marry him or not, if the answer is yes and you two are financially stable, move in together spend some time with each other, see for yourself you are happy or not and also ask your boyfriend how he feels about the entire situation because more often than not I’ve seen people cut off relationships if the opposing family members abuse him/her too much.”


6. “Do not bring religion into this, conversion, etc is a no go. Do not go down this path as there is no good way to please everyone involved. Keep it simple, try to go the court route with a single reception.”


7. “Try to see if you both can relocate outside India or outside your current city to put some distance between you and the families. This can help buy time, as parents cannot be putting pressure on a person.”


8. “Explain to them the reasons for choosing that girl. Tell them the journey of how you got to know her to how you decided that she is the one you want to spend your life with. How she supports you at your lowest points, how she criticises you for what you do wrong, how she motivates you to be a better person, how she cares for you.”




11. “Try and explain to them that you have to live with her for the entire life so it should be one you can love and be compatible with.”


12. “Make a positive and effective character of your own. So that your parents make their mind that whatever you are going to do in life is not so bad. Although maybe sometimes they’ll help you.”


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