Getting over a break-up is a herculean task. Especially because you are always seeking for that one-last effort to be together, that one-last kiss, and that final goodbye. But that’s not how things go for most of us. There is so much that you want to do and say, but in the process of settling those tides of unresolved emotions, you just end up storing a lot of things at the back of your head. 

Oftentimes, you feel like making that dreaded call or sending that text message that you wrote but you refrain yourself from doing so. 

The Unsent Project by Rora Blue is one such collection of text messages that you’ve always wanted to send your ex. Check the heartbreaking messages below:

1. You’re not my cup of tea anymore. 

2. Or was it? 

3. Because leaving hurts. 

4. What hurts even more is that you’d never know. 

5. Oh, Chris!

6. Because the heart feels what it feels.

7. Silent tears.

8. That’s insanely brave on the part of the sender.  

9. The heart wants what it wants, after all. 

10. The sender is at his/her strongest. 

11. The ifs and buts often become hiccups in relationships, don’t they?

12. Too intense, this. 

13. And there you are, making love with your new girlfriend. 

14. When all you can do is bottle up those emotions. 

15. Why would you do that? 

16. The reason why I’ll never be in touch with you again. 

 17. Late realisation, deeper pain. 


18. If this is not rock bottom, then what is?

Because some things are better left unsaid. Or are they?

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