In association with Platinum Days Of Love

Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air. Chocolates, teddy bears, and a date-night in an Insta-perfect setting are the go-tos for anyone’s dream V-day this year. But wasn’t it the same last year as well? And the year before that? And the year before that as well?

“Times have changed. So why hasn’t the way you express your love for your partner changed?” asks LOVE through Platinum Days of Love’s Instagram. It is asking you to reimagine love this Valentine’s Day, to make this day more meaningful, and to make it a celebration that a love like yours deserves. 

Here’s what love has to say. 

1. Loves me or loves me not?

Finally answering this age old question, love calms all minds riddled with doubts. 

2. Just saying it or slaying it?

Actions speak louder than words, don’t they? Find out what love has to say.

3. Special treats or loud cheers?

Is munching on your favourite treats the best way to express love? 

4. Pushing boundaries or boring memories?

Here love is telling us how to perfect its language.

5. Team work or plain words?

Love shows us the ultimate promise all couples could make. 

6. Emoticons or true emotions?

Love is urging you to be your partner’s loudest cheerleader. What do you think? 

7. Lovers or best friends or both? 

Love knows what matters most and it surely knows the best, doesn’t it? 

So this Valentine’s day, don’t do the usual. Reimagine love to celebrate in a meaningful way. And if you have any pitfalls along the way or want help – ASK LOVE itself by heading over to the Platinum Love Bot.

P.S.  Be sure to ask away because love is all ears! Just turn on your Google Assistant, say “Talk to Platinum Love”, and ask any questions you have!