CORRECTION: A previous version of this article mistakenly missed out on the details of the medical staff and their contribution in this heartwarming gesture. The article has been duly updated.

While we have all been irritated by the numerous WhatsApp forward messages that we get during the day, there are some things that may get lost in the deluge of messages but shouldn’t. 

One such message is of this video, that has been doing the rounds of WhatsApp and has now even found a place on Facebook. And clearly this video is going viral for all the right reasons. 

The video shows family members of 85-year-old Pritpal Singh from Mohali, Punjab, along with the staff of Health Care At Home (HCAH) dancing and enjoying a light moment, in an attempt to spread cheer for him. 

It is clear that this simple act does more for the ailing patient than what perhaps multiple medicines can never do.

The gesture has been receiving lots of positive comments, as it should! 

It is indeed heartwarming to see the little efforts that families make for their loved ones. What’s even more heartwarming is to see the wonderful gesture made by the medical staff to help aid the patient. 

Here’s hoping 2018 is filled with more such acts.