There’s no doubt about the fact that the tongue plays a crucial role in most sexual activities, especially oral sex. With the pleasure, come sexually transmitted infections. However, there’s a little invention called tongue condoms AKA Tonguedom.


A tongue condom is a polyurethane or thin latex barrier that goes in between one’s mouth and the partner’s genitals. This protective barrier protects both people from infectious diseases that can potentially be in saliva and other fluids.


These tongue condoms, also known as oral condoms, are protective barriers that prevent you from catching or transmitting STDs such as HIV, chlamydia and human papillomavirus while engaging in oral sex.


Tongue condoms are pretty similar in design to the good old condoms. The only exception is the wider open end, which is designed to fit over the tongue. This allows a person to perform cunnilingus without coming in direct contact with the vagina.


That being said, tongue condoms aren’t just for people with vaginas. They can also be worn over the penis during oral sex.


These dental dams are single-use condoms. One should use a fresh tongue condom every time you engage in oral sex and dispose of it after use. They should not be reused it can lead to tears or contamination.

Take your oral sex activities to a new level. *WINK*