They say, life is nothing but a long journey with a series of pit stops that eventually lead us to our final destination. 

Take for instance, our relationships. 

The one we find our forever with is the one we were meant to be with. It’s that one relationship that’s certainly the destination we were always heading towards. 

But who said that there wasn’t one pit stop on the way, that one relationship in the past that we regret letting go? 


This isn’t about questioning your present. 

You can be entirely happy with your present relationship, totally in love with your partner. At the end of the day, of course, what matters is who you end up with. 

However, just because there’s no place for it in your present, doesn’t mean that your past gets wiped out. 

Memories remain. Linger on. Long after the relationship is over. Years after it ended. 


That one relationship that ended when you least expected it? 

The one who cheated on you, forcing you to end things even though you were totally in love? The one you left because a job took you to another city? The one your parents didn’t like and you weren’t strong enough to put up a fight? 

The one who could’ve been your future had you not left them in the past. 

We all have that ‘one’ we remember fondly and think about time and again when no one is looking. 


Life is nothing but a sum total of all our actions and decisions. 

Sometimes, we take some decisions because we have to and not because we want to. The career we weren’t passionate about but would warrant a great salary. The party we didn’t want to attend but would make our friend happy. The trip we didn’t want to go for but did for our parents. 

The relationship we didn’t want to end. The love we didn’t want to let go. The person we left because we felt we’d need someone else in the future.


Yes, we’ve moved on today. And yes, we’re happy wherever we are. 

But don’t we all take a few moments every now and then just to think back about the time when we were with a certain someone and just as happy as we are today? 

Don’t we sometimes wonder what life would’ve been had we held on to the love we eventually did let go? Happy as we are in our present, don’t we all sometimes wonder if we could’ve been happier instead?