Back when we were in school, we hated every minute of it.

Waking up in the morning, wearing those atrocious uniforms, sitting for one class after another, all the homework and the multiple tests and exams. We couldn’t wait to grow up and get the hell out of school! 

And now, we’d do anything just to get back to those days. 

There’s something about the nature of human beings, right? We never seem to fully understand just how good something is, unless of course we’ve lost it forever. 


Let’s talk about relationships. 

Haven’t we all let go of someone only to realise after the break-up how much we really liked them? Haven’t we all confessed to ourselves just how good they were? 

But when we were with that person, it wasn’t good enough. We had kept our options open, waiting for someone ‘better’ to come along. 

We felt we deserved something more, someone way better. We could never see what we had, just how good the person with us was. 

And once we let go of that person or, dumped them in some cases, we realized the true worth of what we lost. 


We’d point out their follies, highlight their mistakes. Waste no opportunity to show them how they just weren’t ‘good enough’. 

Because we knew what was ‘good’, right? What else explains our decision to leave them for someone else, someone right out of our fantasies, good-looking, successful, charming and the perfect package. 

We left that person for someone who fulfilled our check-list. Unfortunately for us, just like our check-list, this new person was a sham. And when that sham got over, we were forced to face the reality, accept our folly and admit that we f*cked up! 

But it was too late. 

The person we left for not being ‘good enough’, the one who was ACTUALLY good was long gone!


Life is nothing but a sum total of our decisions and its consequences. 

The people we choose, the ones we love. And the ones we choose to not love. 

Sometimes, we let go of the one in our present because we feel they won’t make a good future. And later, we try and get them back when life shows how our past could’ve been the picture perfect. 

But then, sometimes they’re waiting for us and sometimes, they’re gone with the wind!