At some point in life, everyone falls in love. 

And unless you’ve felt that kind of devotion and a raging passion for another person, that you have no control over, you can never know what love feels like. For centuries, poets and writers have been describing this whirlwind of an emotion and listening to their interpretation makes us discover the intricacies of our own hearts. 

But how would you describe love? 

Love is deep and vast. It is in the little things that you share with that person, and the huge barriers that you cross together. It’s in every moment you spend with your lover and yet, love is indescribable. 

Well, everyone has their own definition of love and each one is innately beautiful. 

Mumbai boy Yahya Bootwala describes what love is and what it isn’t and his poetry is bound to give you goosebumps.

Love is love!