From beige flags, to snubbing, modern dating is a phenomena that can probably be taught as a course at universities. But until that happens, we’re right here to let you in on the latest dating trends, and cultural norms. Recently, we’ve stumbled across the term ‘Unicorn.’ Which means something entirely different in terms of sex and dating.

Sex, Unicorn
Credit: Pinterest

What we’re talking about here is a sex unicorn. A sex unicorn refers to a person part-taking in threesomes, but not just any person, it’s the third person that joins a couple/duo for coitus or for a polyamorous relationship.

Just like the magical creature, the term sex-unicorn is used to describe a mythical and rare being; On the count of very few women enjoying the idea of joining a couple for group-sex.

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While some may join couple for a threesome by meeting them on online, others may end up joining a couple and make it a more long-term arrangement.