To turn your mind-blowing, earth-shattering sexual fantasy into reality, you need to give the process some time to set the mood. It’s sex, not instant noodles, after all. 

So, that’s when you bring foreplay into the spotlight. But what about after the sex bit is over? Would you just turn around and doze off? Come on, you can’t miss the dessert! 

Afterplay or post-coital session is the frosting on top of the sex cake. Conversations with your partner under a warm blanket or mere touches can do wonders! Keep reading to know the reasons why cooling down is as important as the warm up! *wink*

1. It strengthens the bond between the couple.

Afterplay is crucial, especially when your relationship is budding. Talking about what made you feel good, what you crave to try next or simply snuggling beneath the blanket with your partner might help you get the most out of your experience.

2. It helps to cope up with vulnerability.

Post-coital depression is an actual phenomenon when a partner feels empty or dissatisfied after intercourse. However, afterplay in such situations can reassure the partner naturally through touch and intimacy. Magical, isn’t it? 

3. It helps to reconnect emotionally with your partner.

Being erotic with your partner takes trust but how to maintain that sense of trust? That’s exactly when afterplay comes into the picture. It takes you away from being just focused with your sexual pleasure and reminds you both that your relationship is built on mutual trust and caring.

4. It equals sexual satisfation. 

It’s apparent that people who insist on cuddling after sex are happier with their sexual life. It’s not just because of all the lovemaking, but also because they took the time to get closer to each other on a deeper level.

5. It lowers the risk of cardiac diseases. 

Just like stress, anxiety and high blood pressure are indicators of poor health, afterplay stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin, which makes your heart happy. Indulge into cuddling, kissing and caressing your partner if you want to ensure your good health too!

Who knows if cooling down can serve as a warm up for your next session? Don’t give up hopes, y’all!