This story by Jasmine Khurana tells us exactly what marriages looked like when we had no right swipes and yes, it’ll make you believe that there’s a thing called ‘arranged love’ and we might eventually fall for it.

She revisits those years when there was no Tinder, no Facebook, and Biology was the only sex education available to people, and back then the only thing they could rely on were their hormones.

She goes on to say that the teenage that could have been of crushes and infatuations, became more of a serious spell of what ideal relations should be like. And by the time she realized that romance in her life had gone for an indefinite fast, it’s the time for match-making.

And somewhere among the hustle bustle among the families, she realized that she has no say in this family curated blind date and their families have already approved of each other. 

Life isn’t a fairytale, you do not get to do those things you’ve always imagined. She dated the man chosen for her after engagement and their dates sounded more like a kavi sammelan.

And when she ponders after years if it could have been any better, she has only one answer that no, it couldn’t have been. And somewhere in between being mad at each and made for each other they became #couplegoals.

Listen to her story here.