Sure, the glove needs to come in between your love but how many of you REALLY use it every time you get intimate? Let’s be honest. With promises of never committing the same mistake again, did you never give in and make love without the french letter? 

Even if condoms are an absolute necessity and save us from risks of pregnancy and cases of STDs that are on the rise, society has always blamed men for being the ones against the use of condom. TBH and fair, there are some women who hate condoms too.

Source: HuffPost


1. Some women are allergic to condoms

What do you do when you are allergic to condoms? It is better to go bareback on your partner in these cases. Consult your gynaecologist and figure some other way(s) of contraception instead. 



2. It kills the mood and spoils your ‘sexquation’

We generally blame it on men, but to stop in the middle of the act when you are all hot and heavy, to pause and put on a condom can turn women off. It does not take much time for some to get turned off, you know. Keep your lover close but keep your condom closer. 


3. Some women love the texture of skin, especially during sex

There is nothing wrong liking the feel of skin on skin, meat on meat, when you’re hot and indulged in the act. Even if condoms have become thinner, flavoursome, with ultra pleasure mechanisms, it still fails to impress some. Condoms > Sex life? 

Source: HuffPost


4. If your man does not get an erection with a condom on, you possibly cannot have sex with one on. Right?

Well, a lot of people might think they suffer from an erectile dysfunction because a condom could kill the erection. For those nervous, jittery lover boys, condoms are the worst enemies for you. 

Even if we blame it on men alone for not using it, there are some women too who do not like using it. If it’s killing your sex life or causing allergies, talk to your doctor, adopt other methods of contraception and sex safe and ditch that glove.