Oral sex is one of the sexiest things you can do with a partner, whether you’re giving it or receiving it. You’re on the verge of orgasming or helping your partner orgasm, nothing feels better!

Women of Reddit have revealed what they like doing in the moment when their sheet-clasping, toe-curling fantasy is coming true. Read, sit back and enjoy.

1. “It’s not like I consciously do anything. I just do what feels good or right and leave him to it. There’s going to be sheet grabbing.”

– Anonymous 

2. “He will hold my hands and interlock fingers when he’s down there. That feels special.”

– Anonymous 

3. “Playing with myself really helps push me over the edge, especially after the first orgasm.”

4. “Go on a little journey in your head. Stroke their shoulders and arms. Massage their scalp. But remember, concentrate on your orgasm.”

– LokisLocksmith                                                                                                  

5. “Try to focus on…not focusing, and do whatever you need in that moment to feel good and get into it. I usually wrap my legs around his shoulders, grab his hair or the blanket, squeeze with my thighs, or run my hands along my hips or chest or grab my own chest.”

– fliffers 

6. “Do whatever feels natural. Whether it’s grabbing at him, the sheets, or yourself. Just don’t lay there like a corpse.”

7. “Sometimes I use my own fingers to spread my pussy lips because that feels good to me. Or I squeeze my own inner thighs.”

– sunbuns

8. “Help to guide them to various places down there that really work for me.”

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