There’s no denying the fact that oral sex plays an important role in the bedroom. Going down on your partner keeps your sex life spiced up and exciting. Today, we have listed down a set of dos and don’ts while going down on women that you should definitely know. Here it goes! 

Do: Make sure that you are in a comfortable position. 

Having oral sex is one of the best experiences for every vulva owner. For having one of the best oral sex experiences, one should pick the position that suits them the best. From classic face-sitting and doggy-style to sideways 69, go for the position that makes some areas of the vulva more easily accessible to your mouth. 

Don’t: Go directly to the clitoris. 

There’s no doubt that the clitoris deserves your attention. However, labia is highly sensitive to touch as well. Rather than rushing straight to the clit, tease her by licking and lightly tickling around her vagina and inner thighs. Not only would the foreplay be super fun and exciting, but will also result in better orgasms. 

Do: Be passionate and let her know that you are having fun too. 

While a number of women feel excited and happy as their partner goes down on her, others might feel a little self-conscious. Therefore, let your partner know how you are enjoying the moment too. If you genuinely feel excited while doing it, she will be more excited and turned on.   

Don’t: Do anything in a hurry. 

Patience is the key when you are planning to have oral sex with a woman. To have a better and deeper orgasm, go with a slow build-up. Start with a slow and steady make-out session or a light massage. Patiently play with her clitoris and inner thigh to amplify the pleasure for her. Do not rush just to get over with it as this might turn her off. 

Do: Keep your hands and mouth in motion together. 

While your tongue might be the main hero when you go down on her, your fingertips are equally important in order to have great oral sex. Playing with her labia, rubbing her clitoris or fingering her will double her pleasure and will ensure that she doesn’t get bored. Now you know that oral sex is not just about using your mouth. 

Don’t: Have pin-drop silence around you. 

Nothing works better than dirty talking in order to spice things up in the bedroom. You can either moan or tell her how amazing she tastes. Whatever you do, avoid having complete silence as it can definitely kill the sexy vibes. It will not only make her more excited but would also result in amazing orgasm.  

Do: Once you find her sweet spot, don’t move. 

Once you get the idea of things she’s liking, keep doing that. Whether she likes getting fingered or getting her G-spot stimulated, focus on that particular activity. Don’t try and do different things together, as this can put her off. 

Don’t: Assume what she wants. 

When in doubt, ask her clearly. You should never assume what she might like and what she wouldn’t. It’s not at all necessary that what worked in the past with another woman would also work with her. Different women have different likes and dislikes. Therefore, healthy communication goes a long way. 

Do: Pay attention to the tiniest of details. 

Other than communication, pay attention to the tiny indications. From her twitching to moans, her movements will let you know what she’s actually enjoying. As soon as you receive these signals, take your game to the next level for her maximum pleasure. 

Don’t: Do anything that makes her uncomfortable. 

Last but not the least, this is one of THE MOST important things you should know before doing anything at all. Let her feel comfortable, stick to the things that she feels equally pleasurable in and if anything makes her uncomfortable, just stop right away. 

Dear men, take notes!