Sometimes stress overwhelms and the words we should be saying are often lost in translation. Words we don’t have the energy to utter are swallowed and the moments we could have shared never occur. Between the words forgotten and those not said in the first place, we fall quite short of the mark. So keep whispering sweet nothings, shouting greetings at the top of your lungs, and sharing your honest opinions in the form of these 11 sentences.  

1. I appreciate you.

2. Today is a good day. 

3. I am lucky to know you. 

4. Can I help you? 

5.  Let’s do it together.

6. You can do it.

7. I admire you.

8. I care.

9. I am not perfect.

10. You can talk to me.

11. Let’s agree to disagree.

It is not that difficult to be a little more nice to others.