Even while we all love receiving gifts, picking a thoughtful present is a tricky task, and some people lose spectacularly at it.

Reddit user asked people about the worst gifts they’ve ever got and some of the responses on the thread will make you feel better about those photo frames and coffee mugs you got.

1. “There have been a gazillion, but what comes to mind first: a digital picture frame. That was loaded with pictures of him & his ex-girlfriend (that he neglected to take off before gifting it to me).”


2. “A jumpdrive stick with his work insignia on it. Plus a bottle. Also, with his work insignia on it. A lanyard for keys with his work insignia on it.”


3. “Granted, I was only dating the guy for a few months, but for Christmas, I got him a whole bunch of shit he actually wanted and could use. He gave me a Naruto postcard he got for free when he bought some shit from an anime website. That was also the only thing he ever gave me as well.”


4. “An ex-boyfriend once gave me a collection of ripped-out calendar pages with pictures of dogs, from a few years before. His justification was, ‘But you like dogs!’ “


5. “A pair of earrings (at the time, my ears weren’t pierced).”


6. “I had a crush on a guy who was also a friend in high school. He went on a trip to Paris or something, and I asked him to bring me back a present. He brought me back hotel soap. The asshole even gift-wrapped it.”


7. “A book on anger management when I decided to break things off with my ex-boyfriend.”


8. “My ex gave me a bunch of DVD box sets of shows we both liked (him more than me) so we could “share it” and then dumped me a month later… and ended up keeping said box sets.”


9. “Cooking lessons. I hate cooking.”


10 “A gym membership. Yep, I’m around 5’5 and 125 pounds, so of course, I was extremely offended, so he quickly stuttered and explained that he thought it would “allow us to share his hobby together.” Still cringing at this.”


11. “It was high school and we hadn’t been dating very long (maybe a month). For Valentine’s Day, he gave me a plastic ring that he got off of a cupcake. I didn’t even get the cupcake.”


12. “Freshman year of college, my ex gave me a necklace that I later found out his roommate had left in their dorm room when he moved out. Best part? It was broken.”


13. “A coupon that came with a card that actually said, “I hope you like it.” WTF.”


14. “He got himself a new date… on my birthday. Another one dumped me via voicemail on my birthday. I think those take care of the worst ‘gifts’.”


When in doubt, remember cash is always a good gift. A lot of cash.