Growing up, I believed I did a fair share of crazy things (sneaking out of the house, missed calls on landlines) in the name of love. 

But, my crazy really pales in comparison, when compared to some of the things that these “Indian aashiqs” did, apparently, in the name of love: 

1. A man in Kolhapur painted a 2.5 km road with messages like ‘I Love You’, ‘I Miss You’, for his partner. Love letters, the vandalism version!

Indian Express
Indian Express

2. A girl made a fake profile and struck up a conversation with her crush because she wasn’t sure of his relationship status. 

Once she knew he was single, she deleted her fake profile and hit on him for real! Ah, the joys of dating in the age of internet. 

Indian Express (Representational Image)

3. This girl stole money from the temple in her house, in order to buy a greeting card for her boyfriend. Wondering if this is an immoral love story or a moral one?

With no pocket money and no access to ask for money from anybody, I decided to steal money from the  temple in my house where I found 30 rupees. And I managed to buy the very first greeting card for him from Archies, just to gift that birthday card to the one who’s become a memory so that I can write this answer.

-Quora user

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4. When the girl he liked stopped responding to his messages, this man used the details she’d shared with him, and backtracked his way to find her parent’s contact details. 

But ultimately, he decided not to use any of the details. Friendly reminder: Stalking is an offense, not a declaration of love. 


5. Among other things, this guy put sugar in his girlfriend’s scooty’s engine, just so he could take her to college. Not your usual (and personally, even acceptable) “pick-up line. 


6. Then there was this guy who decided that the best birthday gift for his girlfriend was a handwritten, literal reminder of how old she was. 

On her, I think 22nd birthday, I gave her notebook in which I wrote ” Happy birthday” followed by her name 8030 times i.e. equal to the days in 22 years.

-Quora user

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7. From following his crush every Sunday on her way to the library to tying balloons to her bicycle, and even putting a bouquet in her cycle’s basket without telling her, this man proved he learned how to love from those Bollywood movies that normalized stalking. *Sigh*

In case you’re wondering about the end results, he was caught by the police and reprimanded for his actions. 

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Never been happier about being single!