I’ve always had a thing against the famous movie dialogue,

“You complete me.”

Say what?

You don’t complete me. No one else does either.

I complete myself.

Another person can make me wanted and loved, but not whole. This is my life. Nobody can take responsibility or credit for it.


You can’t just romanticise reality. I don’t buy it!

So, don’t tell me that my partner is my better half. What does that even mean?

Did he take exams for me? Did he fight bullies who tried to take me down? Did he make crucial decisions on my behalf?

No, I did. I am where I am today because I took control. I made a hell of a lot of mistakes as well. That too is on me.

People walk in and out of your life. Some stay forever. And they all have a special place in your life. But eventually, it’s all on you.

Your career. Your family. Your friends. Your choices. Your priorities.

If you’ve got to handle your shit, then how is someone else completing you? Love can change many things; your personal brand of self shouldn’t be one of them.

Friends and lovers come and go. The only constant is you.

It’s not like I’m a lost girl looking for a knight in shining armour. I’m good, thanks. But a companion is most welcome. He will be himself and I’ll be myself. Together, we’ll kick ass.

Despite being told otherwise, I think that only I can explore my full potential. Only I can fearlessly believe in myself. Only I can have the final word for my future.


Sure, good partners can be inspiring. They can support and encourage when you need it most. They’ll even go out of their way for you. But beyond a point, it’s a solo ride, baby.

If I’m not happy in my own shoes, I’ll never be able to satisfy another person. I’ll be there, left, right and centre, but I’ll never take charge of ‘completing’ him. That almost sounds like an insult.

Like he isn’t capable enough of doing it himself.

A relationship comes with many wonderful things. It can fill some loopholes. But it can’t put every piece in the puzzle.

Only you can finish it.


I’m grateful for the people and experiences that left a mark on me. I learnt a lot. It shaped my ideologies and helped me evolve as an adult.

But when I go to bed at night, I’m on my own with my thoughts yet again. Even if there’s a person next to me. And I don’t think that I’m being thankless in any way.

If I were to throw away everything I worked for, will anyone be able to stop me? If I make a blunder, will anyone fix it? If I get a degree tomorrow, who earned it?

No one but me. I’m very grateful to those who helped and supported me along the way, but eventually I was on my own. We all are.


I have an open road ahead of me. It’s great to have someone. The best part is that I know I can be independent and take charge even while making collective choices as a couple.

Who can guarantee the company of another forever anyway? If I take away your lover, will I be leaving you incomplete? I hope not.

You want to be able to stand on your own two feet and feel proud of nourishing yourself so damn well. No matter what happens tomorrow, you’ve got your own back.

So why does this notion of needing someone to complete you even exist? Your own sense of self is more than enough to last a lifetime.


I’ll never be with a person just to define or complete myself. And neither should you.