The sole purpose of an older sibling’s existence is to make the younger one’s life miserable.

Here are some memes that show exactly what it is like to be a younger sibling.

1. Of course, equality is a concept they’ve never heard of.

2. But privacy is something they take very seriously.

3. And God forbid if we are left alone under the ‘watchful’ eye of our older sibling.

4. It sucks when your parents intervene.

5. Because they’re always the ‘good and one’.

6. Socialising with their friends is a complete no-no for you.

7. Also, they’re sadistic AF.

8. But you get back at them by doing exactly what they don’t want you to.

9. You’re always known as the younger one. 

10. Their reaction to everything you do is violence.

11. First kid: The project.

Second kid: Who cares?

12. They never get in trouble because older = responsible.

13. ‘They’re older so they get more.’ WTF?

14. New clothes? What is that?

It never ends.