Oh we love watching high school drama unfold on screen. The cat fights over the hot blonde captain of the basketball team, the wild parties, the conspiracies and how everyone turns to look when the hot girl walks into school in slow motion, hair flying, makeup intact. 


Fed as we are, on a steady diet of highly unrealistic high school life, we can’t help but see the stark difference between how school really was for us (no proms, only pav bhaji for graduation day) and how it’s always portrayed in the movies. Not to say that we didn’t have enormous fun in school, fighting over silly stuff, crushes, secrets, tiffin, talking for hours on the phone after school for recap and looking less than presentable with achar stains on the uniform from lunch with hair askew. 

These differences between school in movies and for real will make you chuckle. Go ahead, take a look:

Still wouldn’t trade my school memories for all the cool stuff in the movies.

Design Credit: Utkarsh Tyagi