It’s been over 75 years since the perpetually frustrated cat and its everlasting mouse hunt has been giving us some good laughs. From being bitter rivals to intermittently becoming the best of friends, the Tom & Jerry pair has been entertaining us since 1940, when they made their debut appearance in the episode titled “Puss Gets The Boot”

But seven decades ago, apart from the entertainment quotient, things weren’t quite the same with our favourite cartoons, and thankfully so. Otherwise we’d never have gotten the much-loved names, Tom and Jerry!

As strange as it may sound today, in the first episode, Tom and Jerry were called Jasper and Jinx, respectively. The new names were given to them following a winning entry in a contest held for employees of the makers!

In the later episodes, the elderly lady who takes care of the house, popularly known as Mammy Two Shoes doesn’t talk much. But in the first episode, she can be seen warning the cat for the mess he has created!

Here’s a clipping from the first episode where you can see Mammy Two Shoes call the pet cat by its name,Jasper.