If sex is taboo, then anal sex is pure blasphemy. As far a cry this might seem like, anal sex has become quite common in the hushed bedrooms of married and unmarried couples alike. Both men and women find the rear more pleasurable, as it’s novel, exciting, and with the amount of guts needed to do it, it does give you a strange adrenaline rush.

Heterosexuals couples have tried and tested the waters of this dam more than homosexual couples. So, the myth that anal sex is made for gay couples is so not true. A lot of couples in fact prefer the back door policy, because of the no pregnancy scare bonus.

But honestly, what’s the big deal about anal, anyway?


Anal sex is not a new thing

Recently, a team of archaeologists unearthed 10,000 pots near Peru, which belonged to the Moche. It dates back to 100 AD when the Moche civilization was alive and thriving. And what they saw on the pots retrieved from the site baffled the team. Because anal sex was aplenty.


You want something closer home? Have you seen the beautiful work on the famous Khajuraho temples, they are replete with depiction every kind of sex there is. Threesome, orgy, anal, voyeur, oral – it’s all there.


The derriere holds the key to manifold sexplorations, ones you’ve never seen or imagined. As much fun and exciting as it may sound like, it can get a bit intense with emotions running wild on both sides.

The anus has multiple sensitive nerve endings in and around it, just like the vagina. But most of these nerve endings are concentrated around the opening, and the inner rectum. It does not stretch as much as the vagina, so the pressure and fullness it creates is more pleasurable, and a little painful too. 


If you and your partner are going to try it, then you better be vocal about everything you feel, want or do not want to do.

Try out the beginner positions with much care and practice. Do not rush to do the deed, as that can lead to unforeseen circumstances. So be slow, gentle, and patient.


But do not ditch the rubber just because it’s not the vayjayjay.

The chances of contracting STDs and STIs increase in anal. So put safety first, and use that rubber thing even if you hate it. 


But the more importantly, be sure that you really want to do it. Be patient, enjoy, and remember there can never be enough lube.