“Babe, let’s try something different tonight?”

The only thing that I can come up with on short notice is one of these things – licking Nutella off various body parts, gorging on whipped cream from my partner’s body, or using satisfying, albeit hard to come by, sex toys. Because, that’s usually how far the average person, like yours truly, would go when it comes to experimenting between the sheets. 


But there are good people in the world who’re constantly trying to make sex better for everyone. And a lot of this betterment comes through some rigorous R&D happening in the background. For instance, have you heard about Auntie Angel and her pioneering technique called Grapefruiting? 

Well, Auntie Angel is just like your aunt, but unlike her, she’s pretty open about sex and she’ll give you tips on how to up your game as well. 


Grapefruiting is a sexual technique that will earn you the Best Head Ever award. To start with, you slime up your partner’s joystick a little. 

Make sure you have a grapefruit, such as an orange, at home. The colder, the better. 

When your partner is all wet and ready, poke a hole as large as your partner’s willy in the grapefruit. When the hole has been made, slide it down on your partner’s penis, and follow it up with a fellatio while moving the grapefruit in an up-down motion on his shaft.


Sounds weird? Well, if 10 years ago, someone told me that licking off Nutella would be a thing, I would have called that weird too. But clearly, it’s not. 

So if you’re intrigued and your partner is willing to experiment, go right ahead. We hope you have a succulent experience. 

If you’re really keen and curious, you can check out Auntie Angel’s technique here