That being said, I took my own sweet time to inhale the first drag of a virgin hash joint. It kicked in instantly. I was happy and I was high. I was so aware that I could feel my blood coursing through my veins. May be I’m exaggerating or may be it was just the sheer other-worldly magic of my first joint. 

Stepping into my 20s, I wanted to try every drug in the world. 

After a while, the fascination with drugs (mainly hash) faded and gave way to more grown up responsibilities. But I never stopped thinking about the time I almost did ‘it’ after a few drags of a joint. However short and limited it was, the experience was surreal. 

It got me thinking, what does sex feel like on different drugs, anyway? Is it better? Is it worse? Can one even get it up? Do you even feel horny? Should you eat something before, in case you feel hungry and can’t really go for a snack in the middle of the act? 

I mean, do all these popular drugs people keep popping in movies affect sex at all? 

Some research and some going back to personal experiences later, here’s what we know about how different drugs affect your sexual drive and experience:

1. Weed

The most sought-after drug that everyone has either tried or is open to trying. Thanks to its medicinal properties, it’s widely available (openly in some places) across the globe. 

Marijuana high is different for every person. While some end up having a bad trip, others end up feeling on top of the world. The affect it has on one’s sexual experience is so effective and potent that weed lube and weed vaginal tablets are used as enhancers now. 


It increases the minutest of your sensations. Every touch is 10 times amplified and sex becomes the most pleasurable experience ever.

Having said that, in some cases weed can also magnify your fears and make you paranoid. Chronic usage can also cause fertility issues in both men and women. So take that puff in careful amounts. 

2. Ecstasy 

The molly high is the kind that would make you want to cuddle, touch your partner, talk and say the nicest things to each other and not even think about penetrative sex at all. It’ll not only make you feel more connected, but also enhance the sensual quotient between the sheets. 

Your partner’s touch will burn into your skin, and you’ll feel ecstasy like you’ve never had before. Hours will pass before either of you reach an orgasm. Honestly, it’ll be the last thing on your mind. 


However, sometimes the closeness factor gains such an upper hand that it has been known to cause erectile dysfunction. Because what you feel after the drug hits you is not lust, it’s a deeper form of affection. 

3. Cocaine

As glamorous as the drug may be, it does nothing in terms of giving you a good time. Being high on coke feels like you’ve got all the energy in the world and you just can’t sit still. You cannot, for the life of you, bring yourself to orgasm on this drug. If you are able to, then you deserve to be knighted!

If you’re a male, then you better hold on to everything you’ve got because you’re in for the hardest erection of your life. 


However, reaching the orgasm stage becomes a little difficult on coke. Because while you’re super horny, you’re also fighting off all the random, sometimes scary, thoughts as well. And if you’ve been at it for a while, it might soon turn into a dry hump because 10 minutes into it, the drug dehydrates you like anything. 

4. Mushrooms

People have mixed reactions when it comes to shrooms. And sex on it in particular has got both excellent as well as stale reviews. You see, when you’re on mushrooms, your brain is in overdrive with all the magic happening around it.


While some people manage to get off on mushroom and it’s fireworks everywhere, others (a majority) can’t seem to get it up. Some people have even reported having panic attacks. So if you’re planning to have sex on mushrooms, it’s advisable that you start with a small portion.  

5. Acid

Once the drug hits you, you just let go, while also being fully aware of all your cognitive functions. You’re aware of every muscle in your body and every tiny little twitch feels like a massive sensation that envelops you entirely. 

However, sex on acid can be a little tricky. While it makes you more aware, it is also easy to lose concentration while having sex on this drug. Imagine being at it, full throttle, but then the thought of a double cheese lamb burger with fries hits you. BAM! Erection gone! 


So if you plan on having sex on acid, make sure that it’s the only thought you have going in your head because otherwise, you might just lose the plot. 

Please don’t use this article as a suggestion list of drugs to try. Sex in itself is quite a trippy experience and you don’t need drugs to make it memorable.