According to the latest advisory issued, all condom ads are banned between 6 AM to 10 PM as they’re vulgar, offensive, indecent and inappropriate for kids. 

Since the TV won’t air any of them, we thought we’ll give you a little sex ed lesson because we believe condom ads are positive, and far from indecent. It’s part of the sexual education our country and its young minds are in desperate need of. So, here you go: 

We’re pretty sure you remember this brilliant ad by Durex, featuring our very own Ranveer. 

And of course this one, where they featured a woman, revolutionizing condom ads. 

This T-20 special ad by Durex that had an insane amount of good wordplay.  

Another one from the same series. 

This really old condom ad that rekindled our love for the song. 

The maid’s reaction on finding a condom seems quite familiar, doesn’t it? But really, condom hi toh hai! 

This really interesting ad by Deluxe Nirodh. 

This condom a capella ad where even the old folks agree that protection is necessary. 

This brilliant XXX condom ad with some smart montages to drive the point home.  

This really sensual Kohinoor ad with an amazing soundtrack. 

This Moods condom ad that teaches you how to be a gentleman. And of course, win the woman. 

This titillating Kamasutra ad featuring Pooja Bedi from the yesteryears. 

This flavoured condom ad by DKT, featuring a dad who wants some chocolate. 

This funny Kohinoor Xtra Time condom ad that almost spooks an old man.

And in the end, a little something that’ll offend the government immensely – Here’s Sunny Leone in a beautiful ad for Manforce.