A new year, a whole new sexual experience!

You may have spent 2017 doing what you always do but now that it’s time for 2018, don’t waste time on doing the obvious!


There’s no better time to spice up your sex life than the advent of a whole new year.

And these 12 totally amazing and totally different sex positions are just what you need to start your new year with a bang!

1. Sex Factor

When he enters her in a perpendicular position, it allows for his penis to get in more easily, reach the target swiftly and thrust away more comfortably.

2. Wheelbarrow

As he holds her by the waist, he can adjust her body at the perfect angle for him to enter easily. Also, she’s balancing on her arms, letting him adjust the position accordingly.

3. Clapper

She’s on her knees, face down and it’s the perfect angle for him to hit the target. And since he’s got his legs opened out, it should be rather easy!

4. Flying Buttress

Think Woman On Top, just with her going face down. Apart from enjoying a great view, he also gets to see where he’s going. Can’t get easier than that, boy!

5. Inspect-A-Pec

When she lifts her pelvic region, she brings her body in front of him, or rather, his penis. And from there, it’s all straight and simple!

6. Erotic Accordion

This one looks tricky but is actually quite simple. All she has to do is squat on top of his pelvis and hold his hands on the side. It’s another version of Woman On Top, just that the woman is riding a topsy-turvy terrain! 

7. Head Games

He’s on his knees and she’s on her shoulders. Looks too intimidating? Actually, since he’s holding her body, it’s quite easy to do. 

8. Pinwheel

One leg under her body and one over it, he’s literally got her vagina right about his penis. An easier access has yet to come about!

9. Seated Backbend

He’s sitting with his legs stretched out and she’s sitting on him, legs folded backwards. Yes, it’s a little tough for her but then, the sensation should be worth her effort!

10. Sitting Girl On Top

The name says it all. The lovely criss-cross of the two bodies makes for a wonderful angle for him to hit the spot. And she gets to control both speed and intensity!

11. Bend Over Baby

This one’s a classic! He bends her down, grabs her by her waist and goes right in. Hot, hot, hot!

12. En-Vie

Take a small stool for some help and have her sit on it. Then, all she needs to do is get her legs on his shoulders as he’s on his knees. Next? Go right in, man!

Illustrations: Aakansha Pushp