PornHub, the world’s biggest porn site, cares about its users. Every now and then, it offers free access to premium videos (Hint: Their Valentine’s Day offer) because regular videos aren’t ‘fun’ enough. 


Recently, the site announced that it will offer free access to premium videos to people from cities with ‘sexual names’, with this cheeky video tweet.

And it was all people needed to flood Twitter with responses that are basically Geography lessons; only better from the ones in school. 

For instance, I now know there is a town called Cumbum in Tamil Nadu (The insinuation here is so strong, these guys should give residents free access for all 365 days of the year).

In a press release, the vice president of the site had earlier mentioned:

With the proliferation of online adult entertainment, many people have become very well-versed in its vernacular and sexual sayings. Unfortunately, this has made towns with sexually suggestive names the butt of many more jokes. Here at Pornhub, we think a name is worth celebrating, rather than subjecting to incessant ridicule.

PornHub is more considerate than most people I know. Continue the good work, you guys.