For daily forecast, before zeroing in on a job, before plunging into the depths of love, or to know when we might get married, we almost always take a sneak-peek into what our horoscope has in store for us. 

It does not matter if we believe in it or not, because zodiac signs have somehow always intrigued the most educated of us all. Giving us suggestions, asking us to wear a certain colour for good luck and what not! 

So we wondered, why not sex? Taking into the equation a few characteristics of every sun sign, we’ve come up with sex positions that best define your character, according to your zodiac. 

Intrigued yet? Well, here you go: 

Aries: Because you like a little danger and are a born leader. 

Taurus: For you, it’s all about the sensuality of the act. The touching of bodies, inside and out.  

Gemini: You ask for what you want and are never too shy to express. 

Cancer: While sex is important to you, you’ll make sure your partner feels loved more than lusted.

Leo: The fierce, yet the loving one. 

Everything about coitus excites you and you’re always on the lookout for something new to try. 

Virgo: Did you say it’s impossible? Leave it up to the Virgos who’ll either nail it or die trying. 

Libra: For you, love and lust needs to be in perfect balance. 

Scorpio: Some might call you crazy in bed, but trust me, they’re lucky to have you. Because a hunger like yours is seldom seen. 

Sagittarius: Sex for you is an experience and you make sure that you have a memorable one. 

Capricorn: Nope, you’re not the nay-sayers. You’re the ones who find ecstasy in the most mundane of things.  

Aquarius: You’ll go down in history for making up a sex position on your own. 

Pisces: You know what you want. Better yet, you also know what your partner wants and you’ll make sure you give it to them. 

Well, which one is yours? Did we get it almost right? 

Designs by Puneet Gaur