While a lot of people debate the acceptance of sex as a form of exercise, for the average Joe like you and me, it can actually be a great form of physical activity. The reason’s obvious; a lot of our muscles that usually don’t get much activity get working. It’s like oiling that annoying creaky door, you see. 

For instance, when you’re in the Lying Scissors position, the onus of thrusting falls equally on both the partners. Therefore, it takes the whole upper-body strength to be able to make even one little thrust.


While sex cannot always replace exercise, it can definitely help in keeping us alive and kicking. Plus, a lot of us are just plain-lazy and we’re pretty sure that a lot of people would prefer sexercises over an actual workout.

We’ve carefully curated the most basic sex positions an average couple is likely to engage in and have calculated the number of calories they can burn while doing it. The calculations are based on an average of 25-30 minutes of copulation, between two consenting adults of average weight. The calories burnt will change when these variables change. This number does not include the calories burnt during foreplay and oral sex. Together they contribute to the burning of about 65-75 calories in women and men, respectively. 

Since we have established that sexercise is a legit thing, is it time to get cracking?