It isn’t a race to the finish but a stroll to soak in every moment.

Two bodies locked in passion, every second worth a lifetime. When you’re having sex, or, lovemaking if you must, speed isn’t an ally worth having. 

Think of it like a dish that you’re making. To make sure it tastes decadent, the biryani has to be left on the pot for a while, simmering to perfection. And to make sure the climax is justified, you have to take some time. 


There’s been much ado about fastening the pace, thrusting like there’s no tomorrow. As if passion is true only when it’s rushed. And nothing could be farther from the truth.

Great sex is slow. Each step measured, each move graceful. Like a dance. Sex is a dance, two bodies almost rhythmic in motion. Strong, steady and serenading. But slow. Time is essential. The longer it takes, the more the pleasure. 

The older the wine, the better it tastes. The slower the sex, the better it feels. 


Take your time with foreplay.

Caress the body, feel the sensation. Warm things up. Tease. Excite. Don’t treat foreplay like  making sure the heat is palpable. And then, when it’s time to get down to it, make sure you’re not rushing it. 

Don’t think of foreplay like a precursor to the main act – it’s a full meal in itself, one that’s both satiating and satisfying. 


Even with intercourse, it doesn’t always have to be frenetic, high on adrenaline. 

Don’t lower the intensity, yes, but don’t let energy take over the sensation. Lock eyes just like you’ve locked the bodies. Feel every second, every moan. Inhale the scent, soak the sweat. 

Sex is not about reaching a destination. I mean, yes, it is but it’s also about what happens along the way. 

Sometimes, the longer route is the better fun – it takes you to places you’ve never been, shows you sights you’ve never seen and the ride is way better than anything you’ve experienced.


When it comes to sex, speed is overrated and keeping it slow is an art. 

Take your time, live in the moment, keep the acceleration at bay and enjoy the ride. And remember, good things happen with time.