There are various ways to get to know someone but their choice of sex position is certainly one of the most accurate ones!


Don’t believe me? Think again. 

From the kind of sex you like to how much control you’re comfortable with, not to forget just how far you’re willing to go for pleasure, there’s a lot that you can figure out about your own self keeping in mind your favourite sex position.


Let’s get started, shall we? 

Here’s what your favourite sex position says about you:

1. Missionary 

You’re a lover of the classic and like to stick to your comfort zone. You’d rather do what you do best than go and explore uncharted territories. But then, you aren’t too adventurous either. And time and again, you’d like to know whether you’re doing good or not. Just looking at your partner’s face while having sex gives you the much-needed reassurance. 

2. Doggy-Style

You know you’re good and you’re not afraid to show it. You’re also quite confident but be careful as over-confidence is never a good thing. Besides, you always like to have the last word and sometimes, you run the risk of being considered dominating. In the matters of the heart, you’re more practical than emotional but you’re the one that actually gets the job done.


3. Woman On Top

You’re balanced and know when to let go of some control. More importantly, you know when to take control and how much of it. You’re also a firm believer of equality and don’t shy away from giving your partner their share of the limelight. However, you can get a bit lazy and would rather have your cake and eat it too. 


4. Spooning

You’re emotional, gentle and caring and your partner can never complain about any of it. You also believe that slow and steady certainly wins the race though it isn’t entirely clear to you what race you’re running. On the flip side, you have the right combination of passion and perseverance so eventually, you find a way to get what you want!

5. Standing Up

You’re naughty, aggressive and don’t like anything that’s a bit ordinary. You’re also eager to show off your skills and no one would dare associate the word ‘shy’ with your personality. You’re also quite charismatic and flamboyant and always the life of the party. The only problem? You’re too much of a people’s person and one-on-one is not your strongest point.


6. 69

You’re what they call unconventional. Full of quirks, your personality can never be put in a box and unpredictability is your middle name. But you’re also accommodating of others and their needs and your partner will certainly vouch for your orgasm-guaranteed approach. But you tend to be quite unstable in your equations and highly moody. 

7. Reverse Cowgirl

You’re extremely private, sometimes, even with your own partner. In a party, you’re the one standing in a corner, quietly sipping on your drink. You’re emotionally-responsive, yes, and that’s certainly your strongest point. However, you need to be pushed a little into trying new things. If you had your way, you’d be a happy loner, spending your life reading books.


What’s your favourite sex position?