Carnal desires of the flesh might be considered worldly, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re important. So important that if the sex isn’t good, you might even consider breaking up with your partner. While sometimes, you just click with certain people, other times, even after trying really hard, you just can’t seem to connect with them. You try really hard for a while, but then shit gets insanely real and you realize that compatibility is not something you’ll find with this person. 

But then you find someone and it’s electric and tingly. You’re on the same wavelength, sex is mindblowing and you look forward to spending time with them. It’s almost like you were destined to be.  

While we may diss horoscopes and zodiac signs as a made-up science, there are a few things we can learn from them. Especially when it comes to the matters between the sheets. Sex between two people can only be electric if the characteristics of both the partners match effortlessly. It needs to be an interesting conversation that you just don’t want to end, rather than a monologue. 

So, here are some sun signs that can create magic in bed: 

1. Aquarius and Sagittarius

Lights off, ties out. Roleplay ensue. 

Coitus time for this couple is assuredly par excellence. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are signs that aren’t shy to try new things. Bondage, role play, ice, washing machine… You name it, and they’ll be game for it. If you’re either an Aquarius or a Sagittarius and haven’t found the perfect bed partner, you know where to look now. 

2. Aries and Libra

When these two come together, they can go at it all night long. While Aries is the proactive, libido coursing through veins lover, Libra is the one that keeps the pace going. Libras are great at sex and know exactly what they want. Seduction is part of their devilish charm and an Aries always falls for it. 

3. Leo and Gemini

Their relationship will be a perfect one. Both the sun signs are highly sapiosexual, but don’t mistake that to mean that there’s no action. Gemini is very passionate and makes sure to show it with physical touch, sexts and by whispering sweet nothings into their lovers’ ears. And if you find yourself a Leo, you’re in good, experienced hands. 

4. Cancer and Capricorn

Opposites attract. And if you’re looking for an example, then nothing gets better than these two. Completely opposite signs, when it comes to relationships, they make it look easy. The kinkiest and the naughtiest of the lot, Capricorns are high on experimentation. Cancer is all for sticking to conventions, but they’ll always give in to Capricorns. 

5. Leo and Aries

If you smell fire, it’s probable that these two are grinding against each other somewhere. Sex gets redefined when a Leo and an Aries get involved. No matter how much they disagree, it will all end in a happy ending. If they’re fighting, it’ll probably end up with both of them sans clothes in the bedroom or wherever they manage to find a little space. 

6. Virgo and Taurus

Taurus is the kinky one in this union. However, when the Virgo opens up, it gives a whole new meaning to sensuality. When it comes to matters of the heart, these two are perfect partners. In the bedroom, a Virgo cannot find a better partner in anyone else other than a Taurus. 

7. Gemini and Aquarius

Breaking beds, exploding passion and a fire that just doesn’t calm down. Gemini and Aquarius are vocal about what they want in bed and they always get it. Sex between these two is never predictable. While Gemini is the sex animal, Aquarius is open to experimenting and trying out new things. 

8. Leo and Libra

If you’re a Libra and have found yourself a Leo, you better be ready to be deliriously smitten by everything that the Leo does. But don’t you worry, you’ll keep up just right with Leo’s sensuousness and creativeness in the bed. If they want, they can make or break it in the bedroom. 

9. Gemini and Sagittarius

With a taste for adventure and the libido of a horse, this pair can burn the midnight oil and still make time to squeeze in a little quickie before office. Things will get hot and sweaty when these two get down to business. If they’re in the mood, they don’t mind doing it anywhere. 

10. Scorpio and Aries

Their struggle for dominance will make sex very interesting. With neither of them accepting defeat, their love sessions will never see a winner. But rest assured, both of them will be satisfied by the end of it. While Aries is a big tease, Scorpio loves going for the kill. Their union between the sheets is definitely going to be magical.  

11. Scorpio and Aquarius

From gentle kisses to holding hair and roughing it up a little, when it comes to sex, they can take it up a notch whenever they want. Scorpio is intense and loves dominance while Aquarius learns to love experimentation. This pair has the potential to try out new things together. 

12. Taurus and Pisces

This is a match made in heaven. Their thirst for new things often has them trying new things. While Pisces’ idea of loving is wet kisses and holding hands, Taurus’ wild streak wins the Pisces’ heart. These two can makes dreams come true with the kinda loving they’ll be making. 

13. Cancer and Virgo

Sensual, experimental and exciting, this duo can make other signs look like amateurs because believe it or not, this pair might have already tried every possible Kamasutra position that there is. Except perhaps the ones that require a certain degree of bending and twisting. 

14. Cancer and Pisces

These two signs are dipped in the most magical sex potion, if there’s something like that. They make love with careless abandon and erotic games are their forte. If it was up to them, they would spend all their time getting the sexy on. Sex between you two can range from gentle to red-hot sexy any time they want. 

15. Leo and Sagittarius

There’s no one as sexual as the Sagittarius when it comes to zodiac signs. And when the Leo is involved, you can expect broken things in the house. Sex between them is aggressive, playful and mind-numbingly erotic. Sagittarius has mastered bedroom skills and a Leo is never afraid to try something new. 

Have you found your perfect bedroom match, yet? 

Designs by Chhabi Parmar