Single people are always a subject of great curiosity. The society which runs on the herd instinct seldom accepts the single people's status. Instead, the internet is full of speculations about the tragedy of being single, especially when the world goes on to celebrate the Valentines day in full glory.

According to a research article published in Psychology Today, experts highlighted a few important points that single people continue to enjoy in their lives.

Single people are more resilient than everyone else.

Experts cite that single people fare far better than their counterparts in solving issues and conflicts. This can be certainly true given the fact that single people do not possess heavy emotional baggage like married ones do and can face the situation more objectively.

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Single people are more connected to friends, family and neighbours unlike married people

Unlike married people who are tied down to responsibilities and hardly get time to spend with old friends or elderly members of the family, single people are in a much better position to socialize and maintain their old relationships.

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Single people stick to genuine attachment in personal relationships

Even if they have a limited friend circle but it lasts long because of the real bond that stands the test of time.

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Single people get to enjoy spending the right mix of time alone and time together

Single people continue to enjoy the best of both worlds. They can choose to spend time with the loved ones yet not get committed to any single individual. They continue to enjoy the solitude and socialize with people as and when required to do so.

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Single people are found to be more creative and intellectual

Given the quiet atmosphere that single people are used to, they devote their time to creative and intellectual pursuits which makes them richer in ever aspect of life.

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Single people end up being richer

Single people are more career oriented individuals which makes them flourish in the end.

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Single people can freely roam about anywhere without seeking anyone's approval

Single people are in a much comfortable position to bag pack and go travelling. This gives them the liberty to experience life in full depth unlike other people tied down with worldly responsibilities.

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To be single is a blessing in disguise. While you may enjoy all the other things that married people enjoy, without being attached to one single person. It's like exploring the world full of possibilities and creating new stories in life.

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