Most desi people can relate to frequently coming across tweets about Bengaluru’s traffic or terrible rent related issues. And though, many Bengaluru folks have kinda accepted the city, as it is. You have to admit, some of the issues sound downright absurd!

Bengaluru, folks

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of tweets that point to terrible infrastructure problems Bengalureans are dealing with, on a day-to-day basis. Here, take a look:

1. Ridiculously expensive cab services.

How in the world can a cab ride cost four grand? Cab services are usually quite expensive in metropolitan cities, but Bengaluru’s cab fairs are on a whole other level.

2. The traffic making 2 Km feel like 10 Km.

The city’s traffic is usually the topic of most Bengaluru jokes, but why does it seem like the lines between humour and resentment seem to be fading here?

3. House hunting being an extreme sport for most Bengalureans.

From asking for LinkedIn profiles to asking for school marksheets, the city’s landlords have really taken their selection process up a notch!

4. House rent going off the charts.

Apparently, the rent has increased to an incredibly unreasonable amount in the last 2 years. It’s as if there’s a rapid inflation taking place in Bengaluru, and only Bengaluru.

5. The waterlogging that has become a life-threatening issue.

Recently, two people lost their lives after drowning in waterlogged road and underpass, after the city experienced heavy rain. It’s actually become life-threatening to step out in the city during such days.

6. Being able to find a cab, in the first place!

Traffic, high cab fairs, waterlogging sab apni jagah, pehle cab mile toh sahi!

It’s like a whole other world, and things are so haywire that people deal with it by tweeting #peakbengaluru.