The wedding season is here and chances are that you must have already started getting multiple wedding invites. As a guest, this time is as lively as it can get. On the other hand, for the ones who are getting married, this period is intense, stressful, and nerve-wracking.

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We found a Reddit thread where people shared the different things they did for their wedding that made it stand out from the usual ones. In case you are looking for some inspo, here you go.

1. “Instead of one large wedding cake, we had an individual cake for each table. They doubled as the centrepiece, it was a huge cost saving for us. We had the DJ make an announcement encouraging people to travel to different tables and meet new people to try the different flavours. It ended up being a great mingling/icebreaker session.” – evenlandlocked


2. “One of my friends got a photo booth that made flip books! You had something like 15 or 30 seconds to do a little move and it printed out a little booklet like an analog GIF. It was such a fun spin on a photo booth!” – _littlestranger

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3. “I went to a wedding where each family invited brought a flower that made up the bride’s bouquet. It was incredibly cool because most people had a story about the flower they had chosen and made it completely personal.” – long_distance_life

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4. “I’ve heard of joint bachelor and bachelorettes a lot. I am doing one too.” – giovvunni

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5. “Digital invitations instead of paper ones. Saved us a bunch of money.” – Anonymous

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6. “We had an ice cream truck out that served alcohol-infused ice cream (plus non-alcoholic ice cream and sorbets). Best idea ever.” – KnotARealGreenDress

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7. “I went to a wedding where the bride and groom and most of the guests were professional musicians. For the reception they had set up drums, amps, and mics for a full band, but instead of hiring a band, everyone took turns jumping on an instrument and playing songs. Even the bride got behind the drum kit. It was amazing!” – Anonymous


8. “We did a ‘red carpet’ photo opportunity so as each guest/couple arrives they’ll get a photo taken by our second photographer.” – Throwawed22

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9. “We had live cooking stations which were very popular with guests.” – LShaley333

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10. “We had a large swing bed that all of our guests loved to sit on throughout the night! We also had a live painter and people loved to ask her questions and see her completing the painting during the reception.” – anna_alabama

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11. “We had a play area for the children so that the children are busy and no kid is running here and there.” – Tulika Lahiri


12. “We did not have a huge menu. We had a few classic dishes that you can never go wrong with. There was minimal wastage of food and everyone got to eat everything.” – Hari Smitha

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NGL, some of these ideas are practical and fun.