Desis do weird things. Things that are unexplainable. Things that cannot be questioned, because they make no sense. And in yet another weird incident, men were caught stealing flower pots arranged for G20 Summit. Now, why would one do that? I’m questioning the same thing.

G20 Summit
Source: Twitter

The two men were captured doing this in broad day-light or well, “din dahade”. I know, right? Guts. Apparently, they were in a high-end car with a VIP licence plate, and started to load the flower pots in the trunk. While nobody knows or understands ‘why’, all of it was captured on the CCTV.

A journalist, Raj Verma, posted the video which was captured at Shankar Chowk in Gurugram. Twitter is mostly pissed at the act, and that’s justified.

But, someone was also happy that these men took the plants away.

Plants are nice and all, but the stealing is still not justified.